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Thailand Nightlife, bars , pubs, a go go

Thailand Nightlife - Thai Night Life Guide

Thailand Nightlife
Thailand is a great place for entertainment night life, bars, pubs, clubs and a gogo. Patpong in Bangkok, Patong in Phuket and Pattaya are particularly famous for these. Koh Pha-Ngan, on east coast of south Thailand , is home to the famous full moon parties

Patpong Bangkok Thailand

Patpong, located between Silom and Suriwong Road in the heart of Bangkok's commercial district is the original "farang" area of strip joints in Bangkok. This area dates back to the '70s, In recent times, the area has seen a steady increase in the number of street vendors and now there's a busy night market market running down Patpong 1 and along the Silom Rd end of the soi.

Patong Nightlife in Phuket Thailand

Patong Beach is without doubt the main center of the island's entertainment scene, providing a wealth of beer bars, clubs, live music, a-go-go bars and cabaret shows. Kata and Karon Beach as well as Phuket Town offering such a diverse range of restaurants, clubs and nightspots that its difficult to know where to start.

Patong probably has the best and most varied nightlife scene in Thailand. here, located within a radius of half a kilometer around Soi Bangla, are over 150 bars, pubs, discos and ago go bars.




Drinking alcohol in Thailand, especially if you like Western tipples, is actually comparatively expensive - but still very affordable by Western standards.


The misnamed Thai whisky (lao) refers to a number of distilled rice liquors, the best known being the infamous Mae Khong ("Mekong") brand and its competitor Saeng Som. The only resemblances to whisky are the brown color and high alcohol content, and indeed many people liken the smell to nail polish remover, but the somewhat rum-like taste is not quite as bad, especially when diluted with cola or tonic water. This is also by far the cheapest way to get blotto, as a pocket flask of the stuff (available in any convenience store or supermarket) costs only around 50 baht.

Out in the countryside many villages distil their own moonshine (lao thuean), which is strictly speaking illegal, but nobody seems to mind very much. Especially when hilltribe trekking in the North you're likely to be invited to sample some, and it's polite to at least take a sip.


Beer is a bit of an upmarket drink in Thailand, with the price of a small bottle hovering between 50 and 100 baht in most pubs, bars and restaurants. For many years the only locally brewed beer was Singha (pronounced just Sing) but it has lost market to cheaper and stronger Chang. Two upmarket brands are available today, Heineken and Tiger, and longstanding minor brands Kloster and Leo enjoy some popularity. Thais like their lagers with relatively high alcohol content (around 6%), as it is designed to be drunk with ice, so the beer in Thailand may pack more of a punch than you are used to.

'Imported drinks'

Imported liquors, wines and beers are widely available but prohibitively priced for the average Thai. A shot of any brand-name liquor is at least 100 baht, a pint of Guinness will set you back at least 200 baht and, thanks to an inexplicable 340% tax, even the cheapest bottle of wine will set you back over 500 baht. Note that, in cheaper bars (especially the go-go kind), the content of that familiar bottle of Jack Daniels may be something entirely different.


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